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Im Auge der Sonne

Intercultural Performances - the Communication Sculpture, a "Metalogue":

The film opus INTIÑAHUI in 9 parts , which thematically refers to central elements of life, is the initial point for artists from different cultural groups and their own interpretations of the topical contents.

Cinematic projections of the 3D-computer-animated sequences as a visual work provide the basis for artists from different cultural areas and working in different fields to get in touch. Musicians, performers and others react to the visual elements and combine them to an overall impression.

Performance Luis Viracocha Ecuador [SunSessionGraz04]; Fotos: WO*HU; Wolle Huemer

So a communication sculpture on an artistic level comes into being. The creative expression serves as a respectful way of the dialogue. Mutual reference or action from the inner self is being taken or a partner's creative statement is considered and regarded as source of inspirations. The particular cultural approach brings about different forms of expressions - they are equal - it is not language or analytical logic which are central but shared action and sensuous perception.

The process-defined development for several years [metalogue] is a main principle of the concept. At various places [Presentations] of the world performances shall be realised to finally constitute a communicative network.

The "Metalogue" is going to be started by Luis Viracocha [sculptor, performer, Ecuador ] and Carlos Escobar Pukara [musician, performer, Peru ] based on the film opus INTIÑAHUI by Klaus Schrefler [visual media artist, Austria ].

Performance Luis Viracocha Ecuador [SunSessionGraz04]; Fotos: Walter Kastner; Imagewerk Graz


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