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Im Auge der Sonne

Klaus Schrefler
[producer & director]

Klaus Schrefler

Once we are gone, all that we are is just

A Fingerprint in Time

so never hesitate,
it´s better to burn out than fade away!
become a part of the sun
finally, once you feel your mission
balance within yourself will rise.

Who would you trust,
if not the life that you were given!

Visual Media Künstler,
Wissenschafter, Uni-Lehrer [org. backbone] [art before init.] [intercultural network]

Klaus Schrefler [Dr.]                         

Artist, scientist - 1969 born in Linz, lives in Linz.

Visual Media Artist: Klaus Schrefler, born in 1969 in Linz is visual media artist and scientist. The core theme of his works is to create visual art that provokes a direct reaction within people confronted with his works. Technically characterized by fusing multiple disciplines into dense hybrid media artworks, he collaborates with other artists of different genres, whether sculptors, media artists, filmmakers, writers and others.
His recent transdisciplinary piece of art, is manifested as 30min 3D animation film, a non-narrative visual flow of images. Its central meaning has been materialized as real sculptures as well as performances.
In former artworks when photography, installation and painting were his major techniques a direct, often confronting and frightening aspect may be found also. Asked about the background he points to the fact that hidden fears may be activated by his art. Personally interested in the reason for duality and thus light and darkness he calls his works a mirror. Investigation on issues like violence, poverty, war including the ecological desaster in big parts of the world have found reflection in those artworks.
Klaus Schrefler is founder of theSYNdicate - intercultural network for transforming arts [located in Graz, Austria], an association of artists of different genres.


Visual Media Art - © 2001 - 2013 Klaus Schrefler