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Im Auge der Sonne

Intijñawimpi ujniyka iscayray acuypitucum
Intimantakausayka jamun causaytaj ruanrunacunata causaspa uj
Hallp’napi quiquinpurajpi
Maqui guatashka dualidad, ñucanchi pura cana kanchi
Macanacuypi japishca iscayrayacujcunamanta cuscas casianchis
Ujcunamanta ujcunapaj.

In the Eye of the Sun, Unity was divided into Duality
The Sun became Life, Life created Mankind
Living in a World of perfect Symmetry
Slaves of  Duality while bound one to another
Constantly missing the Balance between our own Extremes

[Text Klaus Schrefler, Translation Quechua-Aymara Paulino Alejo]


INTIÑAHUI - in the eye of the sun dedicates itself to the facts of time, body and duality. Three concepts as columns of our being, words which in this combination maybe associate with buddhism and which - standing alone - in our western world nearly seem esoteric and pathetic.
However, indipendently from these movements this interdisciplinary and intercultural arts project forms a circle around the phenomenon of life itself. Its theme is globalization between the present, the past and the future, from oppression of indigenous people via revitalizing ancient customs in body culture to the unity of its individual parts.
The project itself is meant as an explosive statement to global developments, standig alone and yet unifying - polarizing as a counterpart and harmonising as supplement. In this way this piece describes the drama of mankind as well as the drama of the individual human being as well establishing a miraculous equating the individual as well as mankind with the sun with all its power, transforming as well as destructive!


The theme of this art project is the circle of life, the red line of the visual presentation are the numbers one to nine, interpreted in terms of the mythology of indigenious people in the Andes.

The project is realized in various steps:

  • .The essential part of the first phase is a movie of nine sequences with 3D-Animation [in Stereo] intended to be shown on big screens. The technological level of digital media almost demands the symbiosis of classical plastic arts and new digital media.
  • The movie is basis for a second, integrative phase. International artists are going to interpret the context with their means respectively, which can be performance, dance, music etc. In the center of these presentations are indigenious people and their cultural identitiy. The project aims at connecting the modern and the archaic knowledge, putting together different disciplines of art, a statement for the balance between extremes.
  • The third step consists of public discussions, analysing the situation of indigenious people subject to changes in the global circumstances and an the ever growing gap between rich and poor, northern hermisphere and southern hemisphere, people with access to formal education (supposed to be educated) and those without access (supposed to be uneducated) and the resulting changes in social structures.


Visual Media Art - © 2001 - 2013 Klaus Schrefler