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Im Auge der Sonne

Timeframe and technical background:

Phase 1 - Creation of the visual work

June 2001
Working effort
~ 45 months so far [reference 1 person, 40h a week]
five persons permanentely integrated [direction of project 1, organisation 1, modeling & animation 2, post production 1; temporary support by The Syndicate]
~ 14 months so far [reference 2GHz-Pentium 4, 1GB RAM]
Equipment for rendering
average ~ 4 desktop computers [peak 10 computers during 4 months]
Amount of Data
1,2 TeraByte [on 2 computers & 3 external Firewire-harddrives]
Single images
~ 420.000

Phase 2 - Integration of artists - network building

September 2001, Klaus Schrefler invited to the Casa de la Cultura Ecuadoriana, Quito
Luis Viracocha officially accepts invitation to Austria - September 2004

Phase 3 - Progress into international Context


Phase 4 - Re-Integration of Performance

Preparatory talks with artists from Latin-America and Austria. Intended performing artists: Dr. Didi Bruckmayr, Linz, Austria; Carlos Escobar Pukara, Peru ; Christian Heuegger, Theater Asou, Graz, Austria; Prof. Dr. Luis Viracocha, Quito, Ecuador.

Genesis of the project

Time frame Realization
June 2001
First drafts of the course of events
September 2001 Trip to Ecuador, Inspiration for realization in the present form, invitation to the Casa de la Cultura Ecuadoriana, Quito, Ecuador
December 2001
Project planning
April 2002 Start of developing 3D-Scenes
April 2002
Confirmation of partial public support of the project (yet far below the calculated costs, support covers ~ 15%)
November 2002 First renderings
January 2003 First online presentation with images at
March 2003 Improving infrastructure by setting up a network server at the studio
March 2003 Massive problems with data generation, source of problems still unknown; Restructuring of data, generating new directory of 3D-project
May 2003 First stereo testing with stills
July 2003 Generation of big-sized prints
August 2003 First generation of stereo prints
October 2003 Versions of part 8 being post producted
November 2003 Versions of part 1 and part 2 being post producted
December 2003 Presentation of a first cut of the scenes UJKA/ISKAYKA PC (Proto Cut) at ORF Steiermark in Co-operation with SOL
December 2003 Team being invited to Guatemala for a presentation of the project
February 2004 Starting production of the 2nd stereo channel
March 2004 Team being invited to Oaxaca, Mexico for a presentation of the project
March 2004 Co-operation with AAI Graz
March 2004 Versions of part 7 being post producted


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