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Im Auge der Sonne


In the Eye of the Sun, Unity was divided into Duality
The Sun became Life, Life created Mankind
Living in a World of perfect Symmetry
Slaves of  Duality while bound one to another
Constantly missing the Balance between our own Extremes

The sun
essence of our existence
day for day, year for year, life for life
movement according to a rhythm

The light
spectrum of colours
aesthetics without a dimension

The circle
perfect shape
concept of limitation
symbol of recurrence

T he number
measure of relation, measure of time
natural essence of every form
basis of communication

The body
basic principle of life
origin of duality
imperfect symmetry

The human being
religion without respect
science for lack of knowlegde about the systems
economy a consequence of belief in deprivation

Fear because we know but we don't realize.


Visual Media Art - © 2001 - 2013 Klaus Schrefler