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Im Auge der Sonne

Rueda del Tiempo:

Crossing Sculpture:

The main focus of crossing sculpture is on the co-operation between the sculptors Prof. Luis Viracocha [Ecuador], Walter Ackerl [Austria] and the visual media artist Dr. Klaus Schrefler [Austria]. The real stone sculpture was produced by the artists mentioned above in Styria throughout summer 2004 and shall be presented to the public in 2005. The cooperation initialized by Klaus Schrefler was organized by The Syndicate. Sölker Marmor sponsored Space and Infrastructure

First Inspection of the block

Cutting a 3 tons part off the 19 tons block

Starting to work

Luis Viracocha am Sölker


Working on details

Working on details

Working on details

Thanks to Mr. Matthias Scheffer, owner of the quarry, as well as Mr. Herbert Lippe, wotrks manager and the team.

Have a look of inmages from the process

The project is part of the series

Crossing Cultures:

The project Crossing Cultures is an innovative cultural lab by which the Federal State of Styria extends its long tradition of cultural exchange with non-European countries and puts it into context of Styrian art, culture and development politics.

Under the auspices of the Afro-Asian Institute Graz it was managed to establish a network of world cultures , in which Styrian artists, people with migration backgrounds engaged in the cultural sector, who live in Styria, and artists from Styrian partner countries work together creatively.

Intinahui :

The foundations for the existing co-operation had been laid in 2001.

3-D-reconstructions of Ecuadorean sculptor Luis Viracocha's works of art were the basis for the Austrian artist Klaus Schrefler to create the 3-D- animation film Intinahui , were incorporated into a visual system and developed continuously. Elements of the animation are the starting point for the planned marble sculpture. This goes along with the basic intention of the intercultural program of Intinahui - the representation of the circulations and rhythms of life by interdisciplinary interactions and linking elements. The animation film project was supported by Federal Chancellery, Department for Film & New Media, Federal Ministry on Foreign Relations, Federal State of Styria, Federal State of Upper Austria and the City of Graz.


Real Sculptures




The integration of artists from different backgrounds and genres is a central element of the dynamic development process. In a working period of three years so far extensive material has been produced (only one of the bases for further development), which can now be shown to a broad public. Many people from different cultures have contributed to the realization, further people were invited to do so. The main emphasis of the interdisciplinary work of art is on multidisciplinary work, a medial crossover of a real and virtual 3-D-sculpture, for which various artists have already offered their co-operations.



Luis Viracocha [Left in Dubai 2004]

Klaus Schrefler

Walter Ackerl



Klaus Schrefler
Luis Viracocha
Walter Ackerl

Organisation, Translator to Spanish:

Gina Brandenburg



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